I am currently on a mission to explain complex ideas with tons of pictures, intuitive explanations, and examples. Below is my current collection of blogposts that aims to do just that! Note, you can click on the blue links to access the posts.

Fun Science Facts Series


A Look Back in Time: Why we can see the history of our universe (6 min for all ages and expertise).




Bayesian Estimation Series


Bayesian Filtering & Particle Filtering: Math you need to estimate the weather, stocks, robots, and more (15 min a little more technically advanced)!


the Internet


Exploring How the Internet Works: understanding why the internet was created and how it was designed. (10 min, for anyone who wants to learn!)

Website Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Series



Part 1: Elements of a Website:
Defining the elements that make up a website. (5 min, for anyone who wants to learn!)


Part 2: Putting the Elements Together Defining the step-by-step purchases and  actions to take to design your own website (5 min, for anyone who wants to learn)






Currently in progress:
First-Time Software Engineer’s Guide to Github
Unraveling Representations of Rotations in Robotics

Stay tuned for more updates!

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